MIDDLESBOROUGH - 1 Cleveland Cathedral Church of St. Mary
AMPLEFORTH N.Yorks. St. Laurence's Abbey (Ampleforth Abbey)
AMPLEFORTH VILLAGE N.Yorks. Our Lady & St. Benedict
BEDALE N.Yorks. SS Mary & Joseph
BEVERLEY N.Humb. St. John of Beverley
BRIDLINGTON E. Yorks. Our Lady & St. Peter
BROTTON Cleveland St. Anthony of Padua
CATTERICK N.Yorks. St. Mary (served from CATTERICK GARRISON)
COTTINGHAM N.Humb. Holy Cross
CRATHORNE N.Yorks. St. Mary (served from OSMOTHERLEY)
DORMANSTOWN Cleveland St. William
DRIFFIELD N.Humb. Our Lady & St. Edward
EASINGWOLD N.Yorks. St. John the Evangelist
EAST AYTON N.Yorks. St. John the Baptist [C of E] (served from SCARBOROUGH - 2)
EGTON BRIDGE N.Yorks. St. Hedda
ESTON Cleveland St. Anne
EVERINGHAM E. Yorks. SS Mary & Everilda (served from MARKET WEIGHTON)
FILEY N.Yorks. St. Mary
FLAMBOROUGH N.Humb. Parish Church (served from BRIDLINGTON)
GILLING CASTLE N.Yorks. St. Aelred
GILLING EAST N.Yorks. Our Lady & the Holy Angels (served from AMPLEFORTH ABBEY)
GRANGETOWN Cleveland Our Lady of Perpetual Help
GREAT AYTON N.Yorks. St. Margaret of York (served from STOKESLEY)
GREEN HAMMERTON N.Yorks. St. Joseph (served from YORK - 2)
GUISBOROUGH Cleveland St. Paulinus
HAWES N.Yorks. St. Margaret's [C of E] Church (served from LEYBURN)
HAXBY N.Yorks. See YORK - 8
HEDON N.Humb. SS Mary & Joseph
HELMSLEY N.Yorks. St. Mary (served from KIRKBYMOORSIDE)
HEMLINGTON Cleveland St. John of God Pastoral Centre (served from MIDDLESBOROUGH - 1)
HESSLE N.Humb. Our Lady of Lourdes
HOLME-ON-SPALDING-MOOR N.Yorks. St. John the Baptist
HORNSEA N.Humb. Sacred Heart
HOWDEN & GOOLE N.Humb. Sacred Heart
HULL - 1 N.Humb. St. Charles Borromeo
HULL - 2 N.Humb. Corpus Christi
HULL - 3 N.Humb. Holy Name
HULL - 4 N.Humb. Our Lady of Lourdes & St. Peter Chanel
HULL - 5 N.Humb. Sacred Heart
HULL - 6 N.Humb. St. Anthony & Our Lady of Mercy
HULL - 7 N.Humb. St. Bede
HULL - 8 N.Humb. St. Francis of Assisi
HULL - 9 N.Humb. St. Joseph
HULL - 10 N.Humb. St. Mary, Queen of Martyrs
HULL - 11 N.Humb. St. Patrick (served from HULL - 1)
HULL - 12 N.Humb. SS Peter & Paul
HULL - 13 N.Humb. St. Stephen's Pastoral Centre
HULL - 14 N.Humb. St. Vincent de Paul
HULL - 15 N.Humb. St. Wilfrid
HULL - 16 N.Humb. St. Willibrord
HUNTINGTON N.Humb. All Saints [C of E] (served from YORK - 6)
LARTINGTON Co.Durham St. Lawrence
LEALHOLM N.Yorks. Our lady of the Sacred Heart
LEEMING N.Yorks. St. Bedes (R.A.F. Station)
LEYBURN N.Yorks. SS Peter & Paul
LINTON-ON-OUSE N.Yorks. (R.A.F. Station)
LOFTUS Cleveland SS Joseph & Cuthbert
MALTON N.Yorks. SS Leonard & Mary
MARKET WEIGHTON N.Yorks. Our Lady of Perpetual Help
MARSKE-BY-THE-SEA Cleveland St. Bede
MARTON N.Humb. Most Holy Sacrament (served from HORNSEA)
MASHAM N.Yorks. St. Columba (served from BEDALE)
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 1 Cleveland Cathedral Church of St. Mary
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 2 Cleveland Corpus Christi
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 3 Cleveland Holy Name of Mary
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 4 Cleveland Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Customs House)
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 5 Cleveland Sacred Heart
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 6 Cleveland St. Alphonsus
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 7 Cleveland St. Bernadette (see NUNTHORPE)
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 8 Cleveland St. Clare of Assisi
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 9 Cleveland St. Francis of Assisi
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 10 Cleveland St. Gabriel (see ORMESBY)
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 11 Cleveland St. Joseph
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 12 Cleveland St. Patrick
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 13 Cleveland St. Pius X
MIDDLESBOROUGH - 14 Cleveland St. Thomas More
NAWTON N.Yorks. St. Martin (served from AMPLEFORTH ABBEY)
NEW MARSKE Cleveland Served from MARSKE-BY-THE-SEA
NORMANBY Cleveland St. Gregory the Great (served from TEESVILLE - 1)
NORTHALLERTON N.Yorks. Sacred Heart
NUNTHORPE Cleveland St. Bernadette
ORMESBY Cleveland St. Gabriel
OSMOTHERLEY N.Yorks. Our Lady of Mount Grace
OSWALDKIRK N.Yorks. St. Aidan (served from AMPLEFORTH ABBEY)
PICKERING N.Yorks. St. Joseph
POCKLINGTON N.Yorks. SS Mary & Joseph
REDCAR - 1 Cleveland Sacred Heart
REDCAR - 2 Cleveland St. Alban
REDCAR - 3 Cleveland St. Augustine
RICHMOND N.Yorks. SS Joseph & Francis Xavier
ROBIN HOOD'S BAY N.Yorks. St. Bede (served from WHITBY - 2)
SALTBURN Cleveland Our Lady of Lourdes
SCARBOROUGH - 1 N.Yorks. St. Edward the Confessor
SCARBOROUGH - 2 N.Yorks. St. George
SCARBOROUGH - 3 N.Yorks. St. Joseph
SCARBOROUGH - 4 N.Yorks. St. Peter
SCORTON N.Yorks. St. John of God
SLEDMERE N.Humb. St. Mark (served from DRIFFIELD)
SLEIGHTS N.Yorks. English Martyrs
SOUTH BANK Cleveland St. Peter
STAITHES Cleveland Our Lady Star of the Sea
STOKESLEY Cleveland St. Joseph
STRENSALL N.Yorks. St. John Fisher (served from YORK - 9)
TEESVILLE - 1 Cleveland St. Andrew
TEESVILLE - 2 Cleveland St. Gregory the Great (served from TEESVILLE - 1)
THIRSK N.Yorks. All Saints
THORNABY - 1 Cleveland Christ the King
THORNABY - 2 Cleveland St. Patrick
TOPCLIFFE N.Yorks. Served from THIRSK
UGTHORPE N.Yorks. St. Anne
USHAW BRIDGE N.Yorks. SS Simon & Jude
WHITBY - 1 N.Yorks. St. Hilda
WHITBY - 2 N.Yorks. St. Patrick
WITHERNSEA N.Humb. SS Peter & John Fisher
WYCLIFFE Co.Durham St. Mary (served from RICHMOND)
YARM Cleveland SS Mary & Romuald
YORK - 1 N.Yorks. English Martyrs
YORK - 2 N.Yorks. Our Lady
YORK - 3 N.Yorks. St. Aelred
YORK - 4 N.Yorks. St. George
YORK - 5 N.Yorks. St. Joseph (served from YORK - 2)
YORK - 6 N.Yorks. St. Joseph
YORK - 7 N.Yorks. St. Paulinus
YORK - 8 N.Yorks. St. Wilfrid
YORK - 9 N.Yorks. St. Margaret Clitheroe
YORK - 10 N.Yorks. University Chaplaincy

Updated 1 March 2002