Every UK Catholic Parish needs a presence on the Net, and a standardized design is required for the easy and quick retrieval of vital information. These pages are designed also to be a gateway to those web sites developed by individual parishes, as well as giving every parish in the British Isles an opportunity to have a presence on the Net. This is probably the first attempt to coordinate this most important information and make it easy for anyone to locate individual UK parishes, and other Catholic information on the Net.

It should be possible to find easily the following -

  • Church location, how to get there, and a picture to give visual recognition
  • Normal Mass times and times of other services inc. those at Easter, Christmas and Holidays of Obligation
  • Facilities available - most helpful for visitors
  • The name(s) of the local clergy and how to contact them
  • Probably, the most comprehensive list of Catholic and other denominational links available on the internet
  • Optional Notice Board for displaying important information such as a special event, special appeal, facilities for hire etc...***

*** This is especially useful for parishes which do not have their own web site. ONE free notice per year is included - further notices @ £10.00 per insertion.

If there is an existing Parish web site, it should be connected to this site. The pages here are not intended to replace individual parish web sites, though for many this will give a low cost and worry free presence on the World Wide Web. Parishes are encouraged to develop their own sites in their own individual manner, and link them to this important directory. You will get far more "hits" on your own web site through the UKCPD. Although an indirect link to existing sites has been provided initially, it is not ideal.

This site is active with numerous search engines, so anyone looking for -

The UK Catholic Parish Directory

are almost certain to come direct to this site first.

The Catholic Dioceses that have web pages are connected to this site at the head of each diocesan list of parishes, and furthermore there is a special CATHOLIC LINKS page taking you to numerous sites of Catholic (and other denominational) interest - both in the UK and worldwide.

As parishes are being contacted concerning the UKCPD, they will be sent a small poster to display on their notice board to advertise this important site and the web address for people to use. These posters will also be freely distributed to hotels, Tourist Information Centres, libraries etc. so that the information in this directory is freely available.

You can take a "fast track" route and download application forms -

Afterwards, click BACK on the heading to return to this page.

Also download and pin up -

The preparation and hosting of these link pages for the UK Catholic Parish Directory is offered at special discount rates -

Initial standard Parish Link Page inc. normal maintenance for 1 year SPECIAL PRICE - £40.00
Notices on Notice Board (one insertion at any one time on up to A4 sheet size - you may have several notices on 1 sheet) ONE insertion FOC per annum with your original application (ready for scanning on up to A4 sheet), otherwise £10.00 per insertion.
Annual charge for maintaining and upgrading your link after 1 year - £20.00 per annum
As at 31 July 2000, no VAT is applicable as Benet Services is unregistered. The above SPECIAL PRICES are applicable only to the UK Catholic Parish Directory site and no other site operated by BENET SERVICES.

Would your parish like a link, but you believe that you cannot afford it?
Perhaps someone would sponsor your page. In return a discrete advert (example below) can be placed on your page acknowledging the sponsorship. Priority should be given to Catholic related companies, organisations and people, and will have to meet the approval of each parish concerned. Perhaps you have a Catholic family running a B & B or small hotel who would appreciate the advert in return for their sponsorship. If enough Catholic accommodation became a prominent feature, then a special section could be added to this directory to help the many people travelling during the year, and who may be looking for a place to stay in your parish.
This parish site is sponsored by
The XYZ Organ Co. of Anytown. Tel: 01234 567890

Would you like to sponsor a parish, and in return have a discreet mini-advert placed on their parish page (example above), and, if you are on the net, a link on the main link page?
If you are a Catholic related company, organisation or person willing to sponsor parish sites, then contact BENET SERVICES either by e-mail, fax, telephone or post. You will be put in touch with a parish requiring help. Each parish concerned would have the opportunity to accept or reject any offer of help in sponsoring pages.

UK CATHOLIC PARISH DIRECTORY is designed and serviced by Christopher Simpson of Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, UK. He is an active member of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Weston-super-Mare, U.K., and is also an active long standing member of the Catenian Association. His business is BENET SERVICES.

Parishes are being systematically contacted, but, in the meantime, if you want further details then send an e-mail to
Christopher Simpson
or write to me at -

36 Coralberry Drive
North Somerset.
BS22 6SG

or Telephone/Fax/Answerphone
01934 514259

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